big steel floor lamp in the shape of a wine glass

“Calice” is a floor lamp in the shape of a glass, whose overall refined and ethereal style is however linked to tradition. Shaped along the lines of a stem glass for white wine, the plant has an interlaced iron design resembling the curled tendrils of grape plants which, thin but resistant, envelop the base of the lamp. The raw cut of the iron recalls the manufacture of wicker baskets, in an open reference to the handicraft skills of Canel Fucina Design.
Proposed in the floor version, it is a large sized lamp (153 cm high) that may be suitable for very particular contexts.
"Calice" lamp with its elegance and refinement aims to become an iconic lamp.
Designer: Mirco & Devid Canel (Community Registered Design)


H 153 cm ; L 50 cm


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