Bottle holder

With its modern vintage style, “Soft” is a unique piece of home decor even before being a bottle rack. It is characterized by a large surface in folded steel sheet with support legs in oak that raise it from the floor. “Soft” is extremely detailed in every little particular; the back side recalls the solid wood seen frontally through the grid, and the horizontal placing of the bottle enriches the overall design of the object. Thanks to a good storage capacity and a nice plain style, it can fit in every type of environment, be it a house or a cellar. It is also suitable for preserving fine wines destined for aging. (Registered Community Design) Bottle rack with 18 bottle capacity. Steel structure, 2 mm thick calendered sheet metal. Base plate with feet. The back is in antique brushed oak. The shelves have slots for bottle housing.


H 713 mm L 308 mm x 314


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