"...just as things happened in the blacksmith's shop, the Forge, where creativity and know-how are expressed in unique artifacts, we believe in the quality of artisan work..."


Canel Fucina Design is a young and vibrant brand that is the vision of two brothers, Devid and Andrea Canel, that has developed from the vast experience of their family-owned metal carpentry business started by Mirco Canel and Silvana Zannoni.

The pieces that Canel Fucina Desing creates incorporates classic elements of local traditions, the elegance of modern design, and the quality that makes “made in Italy” famous all over the world.

With their distinctive and versatile style, these pieces can fit in every environment, from a family home to a corporate office, from a hotel to a restaurant, everywhere and anywhere the art of hospitality needs to be expressed at its best.

The core of all their creations is metal: solid, ductile, workable and durable.



In 1990 Mirko Canel brings life to this activity in a small workshop behind his house, and leveraging his ten years of experience in iron works, he founded 2Emme Carpenteria, initially selling iron works for mainly home safety such as gates, railings and guard rails, but also to the realization of custom-made products for the construction industry.

In 2002 the company moved to the industrial area of Col San Martino (TV). Between 2010 and 2015 Mirko’s sons Devid and Andrea join the Company and first learn to work with iron, and then get involved in the managerial aspects of the business with their Father.

The entrance of the Sons in the Company brings a new entrepreneurial spirit, that drives Mirko Canel to broaden his views and face a new challenge: create products in series which only until then had been considered on specially requested orders.

Today, through the skilled and experienced hand crafts of the Canel Family, many unique jobs stand out for their originality and purity of materials, offering a wide choice to anyone who wants to decorate their spaces with a classy style but yet linked to nature and tradition.


Our processes are the result of careful and meticulous work that gives top priority to Quality. Over the years we have developed skills and abilities that have led us towards a good production flexibility, allowing us to offer our customers a wide range of objects over a large scale but also meet the demands of architects or private people for the production of customized manufacturing goods.

Attention to detail, quality of raw materials and the know-how acquired over the years, add uniqueness to our products. We follow all the stages of the production process with great attention, and we work raw iron with innovative finishes that highlight it’s essence and make it attractive in any context.


Simplicity, reliability and quality are our values. Through the dedication and passion for our work, we strive to create products of excellence that carry with them all the core values of Made in Italy.

Just as things happened in the blacksmith's shop (the Forge) where creativity and know-how are expressed in unique artifacts, we believe in the quality of artisan work and we put to its service the skills that we have acquired over the years, so that all our final work is considered original, unique and from the highest quality.

We are bound to our territory and for this reason we chose to relive tradition in out products, with modern interpretations and innovations.


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